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How to prolong the service life of stamping die?

The sturdy frame structure of the bed and the isolation belt of the foundation can decompose the impact force in the stamping process. A high humidity isolation belt around the foundation of the press can greatly prolong the service life of the equipment as compared with the direct press on the ground. The use of ground can maintain the level of the press, while the levelness affects the life of the press and die. The whole press is composed of a long bolt, an upper crossbeam, a lathe bed and an upright post. Now the new press bed and column design more high thick, compared to the previous press of the small bed, thin frame more difficult to deformation.
Slider movement
Another key to prolong the die life and improve the quality of the workpiece is to minimize the eccentricity of the slider. Generally speaking, the press should be designed to control the stamping action by controlling the movement of the slider.
Most press only rely on the guide rail to control the vertical movement of the slider. The guide rail not only controls the movement of the driving wheel, but also the force produced by the bearing mechanism. The slide must be replaced periodically, but if you install a guide sleeve, it will extend the life of the block and guide rail.
The slider with the guide sleeve absorbs the lateral force produced by the eccentric wheel and decomposes it. In the double oriented stroke, the guide rail acts as a guide block to guide the reaction force of the die, so it is necessary to make full use of the overall length of the guide rail so that the slider is fully oriented throughout the stroke. The combination of the guide sleeve and the guide rail is 1 times larger than the guide area which is guided by the guide rail alone.
With a guide sleeve plus lubrication (rather than lubrication), the gap (0.0015 inches) of the guide rail is smaller (0.008-0.015 inches) than the non guide sleeve. The use of small clearance guides can accurately control the movement of the slider, although this structure is higher than the initial cost of the non guide sleeve, but it can extend the life of the die by 30%.

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